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Mold & Mildew Removal
Illness & Memory Loss.
All of these health risks are being linked to exposure to toxic mold. Men, women, children and infants can all be susceptible to this fungal danger. Symptoms from exposure to mold include; dizziness, sickness and allergies. It can cause lost school and work time and it is being studied for links to cognitive problems including long and short term memory loss. The health cost both personally and financially from toxic mold exposure can be extremely high. 

Capital Losses and Property Depreciation
Beside health issues, the financial drain caused by mold in a home or office can be great. Not only have homes and buildings been sold for a lower cost because of an infestation, potential home sales have been stopped and offers withdrawn because an inspection found mold. The loss of time and additional potential offers can add up to an unexpected, significant financial burden. 

Bring In The After-the-Disaster Duraclean Specialists 
Most mold problems require the consultation of an industrial hygienist to determine the scope and to write a remediation plan. Duraclean can assist a reputable hygienist in your area. 

After an inspection has revealed mold, the next steps are mold testing, evaluation and finally clean up. The problem can usually get worse with the passing of time, so that after testing and evaluation its important to call Duraclean. 

Our experts use safe, proven mold removal techniques to “Get the Mold Out”! 

We will use media blasting combining the power of compressed air, the safety and absorbency of baking soda or the reduced temperature evaporation of dry ice and of course the experience of a Duraclean professional to remove mold from the large expanses such as rafters and roof sheathing. 

Duraclean Bio-wash, Bio-Spray and other “safe” solutions will be used on smaller areas or where applicable. 

Duraclean Professionals are familiar with EPA guidelines regarding mold and its removal. Our Remediation Professionals attend continuing education classes to keep up with the latest in products and procedures. Complying with the EPA’s guidelines is the rule rather than exception with Duraclean Mold Remediation Professionals. We carry photo identification for your security. 

Duraclean will provide all of the expertise and equipment necessary for clean-up including: containment, encapsulation, insulation and debris removal, site disinfecting, site break-down; any and all steps necessary for a successful mold removal project for YOU!





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